About us

Our operational excellence at RD Sec is due to the years of experience serving the cyber security market boasted by each of our team members and the management. We have a heritage of operating in the cyber security industry, yet forming RD Sec LLC was an opportunity which allowed us to think beyond money and make cyber security more affordable for businesses with a principal of be more secure.

Right from the top management to the employees at RD Sec, we excel in cyber security practices. Revamping your current IT practices and solutions, we extend services into developing reinforced servers and online business sites. We avoid boasting achievements and believe in letting the results and performance talk. Our portfolio of satisfied clients and esteemed partners are proof of our success in the short term. At RD Sec we believe in diligence when developing Cyber Security solutions to secure your cyberspace against the severest of cyber-attacks using the best solution in the market that resolve customers problems.

Our Value

Where you may find other reputed names in the cyber security market, at RD Sec we believe that our values set us apart from the competition, provide the excellence service where our team is specialized in the solution we provide. For a cyber-security firm, it is important to ensure a safe & secure data exchange, privacy and data protection for your business. We prioritize your satisfaction and fortification of your cyberspace over monetary returns and benefits. Integrity, Reliability and Diligence form the basis of our work values.

Who We Are

RD Sec is a full package cyber security company. We provide reliable cyber security solutions to prevent hackers and malicious software disrupting your operations

Our Story

Our founder have more then 20 years of experience in Network and Cyber Security industry working in multi-national location including Americas (USA and South America) and Europe supporting various companies, and had the opportunity to help more than 100 customer across the globe, the idea to establish cyber security company kicked in to initial help companies from Latin America coming to USA and vice versa. We always had this ideology of providing the best of cyber security services also been the expert of the solutions we provide and support with affordable rate with the. RD Sec was born to help customer to have the right solution and implemented correctly on the first time with all the features required to provide the best protection needed for our customers. 


RD Sec is a cyber security solutions and services provider focusing on our expertise and be consultative approach with our customers. Our approach provides state-of-the-art security solutions to educate and protect our customers from the most advanced threats. We focus on custom designed architecture to protect our customers.

Our key added value to our customer is that they will get the most expertise in the area/solutions we serve.


We envision ourselves as a well-recognized cybersecurity company working with the state-of-the-art solution and provider to help our customer to be one step ahead of the threat landscape and helping the industry and people to be more secure and avoid any data leak/loss.